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With its tall, elegant stem and stylish curves on the bowl, the Abstraction collection is the perfect accompaniment to cocktail parties and dinners. The engraved circles that decorate the generous glasses in crystalline help bring out the depth of colour of the wines. The finesse of the edges aims to enhance subtlest of flavours and satisfy the palate.

Distinguished allure

Flûte 21

21 cl – 7 oz.
232 mm – 9″
153 g

Verre à pied 47

47 cl – 15 3⁄4 oz.
232 mm – 9″
182 g

Verre à pied 38

38 cl – 12 3⁄4 oz.
219 mm – 8 1⁄2″
175 g

Gobelet FH 40

40 cl – 13 1⁄2 oz.
133 mm – 5″
250 g

Party Time

What if having your friends, your significant other or your family over was the simplest, easiest way to take a break from the everyday?

Getting together for an aperitif, cocktails, or a glass of champagne, sipping a great vintage or top-notch whiskey, letting the conversation linger over the dinner table… These moments of sharing make our lives richer and happier.