The Eclat

Eclat Cristal d’Arques Paris is a new brand within the Arc Group. Eclat symbolizes a modern lifestyle, for consumers who are looking for quality and elegance at an affordable price. Endorsed by the Cristal d’Arques Paris brand, which was founded in 1968, Eclat benefits from both the group’s expertise and its authentic French creations. Eclat’s iconic, timeless and contemporary collections…

Made in France


Exceptional performance

Unique transparency for the most refined table settings. Remarkable resistance to shocks and the dishwasher, making hosting easy. Produced in France, this lead-free Kwarx is designed to be environmentally friendly.


Timeless and contemporary collections guarantee sparkling and spontaneous moments.

  • Ultra-innovative, Kwarx is up to 50% more resistant than market standards.

  • What is our expertise based on ? A unique formula, combined with production techniques that use the very best of raw materials. Exceptional transparency, with an index of 98.8 - superior to market standards.

  • Kwarx is as brilliant and pure after 300 dishwasher cycles as the day it was made on.